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Aussie Wide Asbestos Removals is competent and accredited to handle all of your asbestos management and removal needs. We can undertake assessment and testing for asbestos, create a management plan if we find it on your premises, offer advice on how to register asbestos, along with containing or removing it for you.

Risks of Asbestos

Asbestos fibres can cause major health issues if inhaled in large quantities over a long-term period. If asbestos is enclosed in fibro, or bonded in another form, it is not dangerous. But if the bonding is damaged releasing the fibres, then asbestos can become a health risk.

The diseases that result from long-term asbestos inhalation include, asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. For smokers, asbestos inhalation over time increases their risk of contracting lung cancer.

It normally takes about 20 to 30 years for the symptoms of asbestos related diseases to materialise.
Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Assessment

If you have been alerted that asbestos may be present in your home or business it is vital that you contract the services of a qualified asbestos assessor.

Aussie Wide Asbestos Removals will check your property thoroughly for asbestos and organise for testing to be done to confirm if it is present.

If concentrations of asbestos are found there are a number of processes that must be followed for its containment (management) and disposal. These processes are mandatory under government regulations.

Asbestos Management

There are several steps that must be followed if asbestos has been located in your home or business. The first step in this process is arranging for an asbestos management plan to be written up.

An asbestos management plan must be developed by a qualified assessor and should incorporate a range of elements:
These include:
  • The identification of asbestos type and a reference or link to the asbestos register (the home or business owner has to register that the asbestos has been found and keep a log on the premises).
  • A thorough background on the decisions that have been made regarding control measures and safety procedures undertaken to contain the asbestos.
  • Procedures that have been created in case accidents or emergencies occur involving the asbestos.
  • Confirmation that workers involved with the asbestos have thorough training, skills and knowledge on the dangers of this substance.
  • Whether asbestos encapsulation has been undertaken. This involves the coating of asbestos with a UV protective rubber layer, which is the only other alternative to removal.
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Removal & Disposal

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If you have had an assessment undertaken on your home or business and asbestos has been located, it can only be removed legally by licensed contractors.

Before the asbestos can be removed, the licensed contractors must first be given a copy of the asbestos register. The asbestos register is a document which outlines what type of asbestos is present, where it's located and whether any changes have occurred to the asbestos since it was initially found. The register will also have links to an asbestos management plan, which highlights how the asbestos is being safely contained.

Aussie Wide Asbestos Removals are licensed contractors who will remove and dispose of your asbestos safely and securely. We will also provide a clearance certificate that confirms your home or business is asbestos free, as per government regulations.