Aussie Wide Asbestos Removals

About Us

Aussie Wide Asbestos Removals was formed this year as a subsidiary of Aussie Wide Builders, to cater for the increased demands of those requiring asbestos removal and management.

Our team has over 40 years' industry knowledge in asbestos removal and disposal, so you can be assured of receiving experienced and efficient service.

We are focused on creating a safer work and home environment for all of our clients. This is due to our awareness of the debilitating diseases that can be caused from asbestos exposure including: asbestosis, pleural effusion, thickening and plaques, atelectasis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Aussie Wide Asbestos Removals abide by strict government regulations on the assessment, management and handling of asbestos, so you have peace of mind that no risks are being taken with the health of your family or staff. We also provide full certification throughout this process, which is important when your home or business is being sold or leased.


Michael Di Costanzo - Director
Jodie Di Costanzo - Administration



Asbestos Licence: 206916AS2